Andrew Nembhard outperforms Stephen Curry in game

Andrew Nembhard put up a fight against the Warriors and Steph Curry

Nembhard led the Pacers to a fantastic victory of 112-104, despite starting without Tyrese Haliburton and Myles Turner.

He scored 31 points with 13 assists and eight rebounds on five 3-pointers in just 41 minutes

and this will go down as an early career high and put him in with some top performers.

Nembhard finished with 31 points while Curry had his worst game of the season

Meanwhile, Curry had the worst performance of this season, scoring just 12 points.

He's pretty solid with the ball and a fantastic passer. And coach Rick Carlisle just doesn't allow 25 minutes a game to some novice, and Nembhard did deliver.