Wednesday, 19 April 2017

How To Hide Your facebook Friends List From Others[Updated]

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How to hide friends list in facebook

Security is one of the huge worries of Facebook, yet as of late FB executed a great deal of new settings for keeping up a client's protection. 

Presently, a client has control on practically everything in their profile (e.g. status, photographs, collections and so forth). The client likewise has the control of how they need to share material (e.g. with everybody, friends, friends of friends, and so on). Clients can even physically conceal a status from particular individuals.

Now You can Hide Your Facebook Friends List From Others.Did you know this? Yes It's True.
In the event that you don't need outsiders to see your friends list, then you can simply conceal it from them. It's simple. You can utilize the improved Facebook protection settings to edit your friends list perceivability. 

Cover up facebook friends list One thing which I have seen when you keep your friends list open is that many individuals see that list and begin including friends indiscriminately. 

Furthermore, seeing common friends, other friends more often than not acknowledge the friends request. It's sort of humiliating when your female friends informs you that some mutual friends of yours has sent her a friend request. 

It's ideal to give your fiends list be noticeable just to you and avoided others.
This guide has been refreshed to coordinate the new Facebook protection settings, as Facebook rolled out some real improvements as of late. Along these lines, take after this new instructional exercise and conceal your Facebook friends list from others:

  • Login to your Facebook account
  • Go to your Profile page
  • Click on Friends

Presently, on your Facebook friends list page, essentially tap on the "Manage" symbol at the upper right and tap on "edit Privacy". 

From here you can control who can see your friends list and who can't. I for the most part keep it noticeable to me just, as this is better for the security of my friends since I don't need them to be assaulted with boundless friend requests. 

Look at this screenshot for better understanding:

In the event that you don't need anybody to see your Facebook friends list, keep the "Who can see your friends list" setting to "Just Me". 

(Keeping your Facebook friends list noticeable for others is absolutely your decision, however my proposal is keep it covered up for the protection of your friends.)