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Things to Remember Before Applying for Google AdSense Account

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Things being what they are, you need to apply for Adsense to profit from your blog and appreciate the life you generally dream of? 

Who does not in any case? That is the fantasy of each blogger to get AdSense endorsed. 

Be that as it may, hold up.. 

I've to let you know something. 

That is difficult. Google AdSense is extremely strict with regards to endorsing new application. Everybody is attempting to trap AdSense to get affirmed so they have made the procedure hard. 

Try not to stress. You're not the only one. 

In this article, will impart to you everything that you have to do before applying for Google AdSense program to really get endorse. 

Some basic inquiries that you may have about Google AdSense are… 

1.How to apply for Google AdSense? 

2.Does my blog meet all requirements for AdSense or not? 

3.Am I qualified to apply for Google AdSense? 

4.What are Google AdSense prerequisites? 

5.Why Google AdSense rejected my application? 

6.What to do if Google AdSense dismiss my application?


Google AdSense is one of the most seasoned systems to offer advertisement distributing and works at Pay Per Click framework. 

With regards to the authenticity of Google AdSense, it justifies itself. Google AdSense have a huge number of fulfilled clients and distributers. AdSense pays on time, without fail. 

One more purpose behind picking Google AdSense is that we can procure gigantic measures of cash on the off chance that we do our work in right way. There are numerous bloggers who are bringing home the bacon from their web journals and Google AdSense. 

Thusly, Google AdSense ought to be the main decision among the various accessible systems. 

It's paying rates are superior to anything all of different systems so that is the most compelling motivation it is so mainstream among bloggers. 

Be that as it may, since everyone is running behind them, they have made the endorsement framework extremely strict. You commit little errors and get objected inevitably. Here are few reasons why Google will dismiss your AdSense application.


Here are the most widely recognized dismissal reasons and Google AdSense prerequisites that you ought to remember before we dive into points of interest.

1.  Insufficient content / Unacceptable site content

Your site doesn't have enough content on for Google experts to survey. 

Google gives a considerable measure of significant worth and consideration regarding the substance of the blog before tolerating it. On the off chance that the substance is ineffectively composed and has linguistic missteps Google will dismiss the blog immediately. 

Not just the substance should be syntactically right, it must be extraordinary and needs to give esteem to the clients and perusers of the blog. So the main reason is the inadequately composed substance on your blog.

2. Page Type / Design of your blog

What will you do in the event that you arrive a page with full brilliant yellow foundation with white content on it, having enormous catches everywhere? 

Yes, you'll never visit that site again . 

Websites which are inadequately composed and are hard for the guests to comprehend gets dismisses by Google AdSense. You should have a decent and slick outline which comforts the eye and is wonderful in the look.

3. No Privacy Policy, About Us or Contact Us page

There are a few pages which you should have before applying to Google AdSense in the event that you need to get acknowledged. 

These are about us, protection approach and get in touch with us pages. These pages give the feeling that you are an expert and that you are working as indicated by the Google approaches. Remember that having a protection page is likewise one of the necessities for Google AdSense.

4. Site Does Not Comply With Google AdSense Policies

No rich, one of a kind and significant substance, no natural movement, pages with practically zero unique substance or awful client encounter through clear route and association. 

Your site might be the one that drives movement through illicit sources, destinations with over the top catchphrases or ineffectively coded outline are normally dismisses. 

So you require an entire direction and rundown of things that you have to do before applying for Google AdSense.


1. Write High-Quality Content:-

Google cherishes the blog who are giving amazing substance and their guests are appreciating it. Remember that your application will be checked on by people and you need to inspire them to get endorsed by AdSense. 

A fantastic substance… 

  1. is exceptional and unique 
  2. with legitimate headings and projectile records 
  3. free from punctuation and spelling botches 
  4. is sufficiently long 
  5. helpful and instructive

2. Create Privacy Page for Your Blog:-

One of the regular missteps that most new bloggers. Despite the fact that there are individuals out there who say that having a security arrangement for a blog doesn't bode well yet they are incorrect! 

The primary thing you should apply for Google AdSense and get endorsement is the protection strategy of your blog or site. On the off chance that you don't have it you can't get endorsement straightforward is that. 

Why is it essential? 

It's necessity of AdSense and besides, this protection arrangement implies you are not a trick and gives the feeling of a genuine business. Google will check whatever remains of the conditions just in the event that you have this arrangement. 

A security really depicts to your perusers about what they will get on your blog , what they ought to do and what they ought not. So clearly there is nothing awful in having a protection arrangement. While it can influence by one means or another on your AdSense endorsement, you should try it out. 

You can compose it yourself or discover Privacy Policy Generators on the web (You needn't bother with a legal counselor in any case).

3. Create About Page:-

Like security approach, you should have an about page with the goal that you can get endorsed. This likewise demonstrates there is a genuine individual behind the blog. 

An About page has a noteworthy part and significance regardless of the possibility that you would prefer not to apply for AdSense. Be that as it may, with regards to AdSense, they are around zero odds of getting endorsed on the off chance that you are not demonstrating this page. 

About page essentially portray you and your blog . This won't just help you build up an association with perusers yet it will likewise make them believe you.

4. Setup A Contact Us Page:

It's very clear that everybody has his/her own particular conclusion. 

What one of your perusers preferences might trouble another person. At that point it is ideal to give them a chance to talk up to you and enlighten how they feel regarding your blog, what they need to be altered , what they loved or loathed. 

Make a contact page, if conceivable include your email that you will apply for Google AdSense. In the event that conceivable do get some expert email address like admin@newtechytips.com and your social profile interfaces as well. 

By making this you are telling Google that we look after our clients, guests and we are prepared to help them. They can reach us at whatever time. 

It will likewise demonstrate the Google AdSense Team that is review your site that you really think about your perusers and not just the cash and AdSense. 

Look at my contact page to get some thought. 

 5.Make Sure You’re 18+ :-

This is the misstep that new bloggers are making who are under 18. They compose wrong age and cause harm. 

Utilize your right date of birth and age while applying for Google AdSense account. 

Since Google AdSense is not for individuals who are under 18. A few people understand this issue in the wake of being invalidated a couple times with no honest to goodness reason. 

So I encourage you to be precise while writing your age.

6.Improve Your Blog Design:-

As said before, you blog configuration matters a considerable measure. It ought to be proficient dislike an untidy photograph display. A spotless, expert and quick stacking outline is valued by Google. 

When you visit a site what's the main thing you search for? It's blog plan. 

You've to assemble a decent early introduction on your blog perusers to connect with them. 

Your blog configuration is the greatest thing after substance. This speaks to your skill, experience, and demonstrable skill. It ought to have taking after elements: 

1.Basic and professional

2.Easy to navigate

3.Legitimate menus 

4.No futile things in sidebar or footer 

5.S.E.O Friendly

6.Quick Loading

So be careful on the grounds that anything can slaughter your odds of getting endorsed by AdSense. 

There are a large number of sites who give free proficient looking subjects to your blog. You should simply to hunt down them. 

7.Check Your Content Type:-

Be careful with what kind of substance you are distributing. Since it is something that genuinely matters. 

Here are some basic substance sorts that are not acknowledged by AdSense.
  1. Pornography/Adult materials
  2. pirated Content
  3. Hacking Tutorials
  4. Illegal,Drugs
  5. Other Illegal Stuff

8.Remove Other Ad Networks:-

Make your blog free from advertisements. 

Indeed, even Google AdSense permits you to utilize other advertisement arranges alongside them, it's ideal to expel the promotions before applying and don't return them until you get an answer from AdSense group which as a rule takes anyplace from few days to weeks. 

Thus, before presenting your application for Google AdSense make a point to evacuate every one of the advertisements on your blog from some other system.

9.Check Your Traffic Sources:-

Google loathes the destinations that are getting paid activity and generally punishes them so there is not a damn possibility of getting affirmed by AdSense for a site that is getting paid movement. You can bring activity from web search tools or some other way you need yet in the event that you need to procure by means of Google AdSense the correct way, paid movement is not an answer. 

Additionally, note,that Google does not acknowledge site which gets activity from unlawful sources. So concentrate on getting movement from legitimate sources like online networking, web indexes, and related web journals.