Friday, 4 November 2016

How To Fix 404 page not found error for search engine optimization

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"404error page not found".This is one of the most common web error in our daily browsing session.We know that the 404error page gives inconvenience to the user and it shows negative impact on website.

Most Common Reasons for 404 error page:

404 error page occur for multiple reasons.Here iam discussing some of the most common reasons for 404 error page.
  • You change your permalink or link structure of your website.
  • You removed such a content from your website.
When users or search engine bots requests access to a bad  page on server,Web servers usually reply with an HTTP status code of 40,to tell the user that the page doesn't exists on the server.Actually search engines doesn't care about these pages.But real life users gets bad web experience and such a user goes back and follow another link.Another disadvantage is of the 404 error is that it can cause you to miss out an important links from another domain.
Finding 404 links and fixing them:
To fix these 404 pages on your blog,Go to webmaster tool.Login to your webmaster tool dashboard>crawl errors>not found.Click on the links and you will see "linked from"which will give you an a idea of where these page linked from.If you are using wordpress,You can use "Redirection"plugin to monitor and redirect 404 error pages from your dashboard.
  • 301 redirect the link to most relevant post/article.
  • If the errors arising due to misspelled link from another domain,you can either ask the webmaster to update the link.or you can use 301 redirection process.
  • If there is no relevant articles on your blog related to 404 link,simply leave it.Google will automatically de- index such a pages (or) also you can de-index manually using webmaster removal tool.
  • If you have a thousands of 404 error pages in your blog,redirect the pages when ever it possible.Otherwise block bots accessing these pages using robots.txt.And remove them using webmaster tool.
404 pages not bad for seo but it creates poor user experience.This impact might shows on your blog traffic.