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What is SEO Audit and How To Perform SEO Audit

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What is SEO Audit:

SEO audit is nothing but your website performance report,how it is performing on  search engines.
By doing seo audit we can improve our site ranking and fix errors on site.This is a short description of seo audit.

What we expect from SEO  Audit :
  • As we discussed above, seo audit gives you  full report regarding your site performance on search engine ,errors ,warnings.Its like a health report of your website.
  • List of actions based on seo audit which explain each and every item.
  • These SEO audit describes complete performance of your site and also available traffic sources on internet.
Why it important to do SEO Audit:
In SEO industry rules and regulations changes very quickly.Today's working rules will not be in future so we have to do SEO audit very frequently.Make your website up-to-date with latest rules and regulations as well as latest webdevelopments.

SEO Audit check list:

1.Titles are unique for each page:
Each and every page should contain unique Title because it describes entire your post
2.Titles lenth between 50-65 charecters:
Title lenth should be 50-60 charecters for better results
3.Description tag between 150-160 charecters:
Description tag also should be 150-160 charecters and also it should be meaning full.
4.URL format:
You should check your page URL unique or not and it defined correct format or not.
5.H1 Tags for title:
Use H1 tags in your post because search engines easily understand what is your post.
6.Unique content or not:-
Always write unique content.avoid copying from others because search engines can easily find out copied content.
7.internal linking on post:
Link your post with another post in your website to build domain and page authority.If we buildup domain and page authority, particular page and domain rank higher in search results.
8.ALT Tags for all images:
Alt Tags are useful to find pages through image search.It will bring traffic also.
9.Broken links on site:
Broken links are not useful to blog and also bad for website.Check broken links using google webmaster tools and remove it.
10.Page loading speed:
Page loading speed is very important in web traffic,if website load very slow user may not interest to land on your page.So we have to reduce website loading time.
11.Is there a fevicon:
Create a logo for your website and logo reflects your brand and website.
12.Is there Contact ,About page:
Use Contact and About page's it gives proffesional look for your website.
13.Valid sitemap of website:
Creat a valid sitemap for your website and submit it to search engines.By submitting sitemap your pages easily crawl by search engines.
14.Social media sharing buttons for all posts:
Use social media sharing buttons to all your posts it can help user to share posts on social media.By enabling social media button, Your website receives lot of social media traffic.

These are the some basic SEO check list for every website to improve website performance on search engines.


Robin Khokhar said...

It looks like a complete guide about the SEO audit. I enjoyed reading your post.
Thanks for sharing.