Monday, 24 October 2016

SEMRUSH Added Site SEO Audit & Backlink checker Feature and Many more

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SEMRUSH is one of the most powerful tool for every blogger and professional seo companies.Read a review of SEMRUSH here.
In the last few months semrush added many new features which makes it complete seo suite.Here iam going to talk about SEMRUSH new features which you must know.

Using SEMRUSH you can find which keywords for your website is ranking for. And also
 *High CPC keywords
 *Longtail Keywords
 *You can add any webpage link and check which keyword that page is ranking for.
These are the few features which i covered in the previous posts.

SEMRUSH Site Audit Features:

Website audit is very frequent event for every blog/web owner.When you do site audit,You will get SEO errors which you ignore.Using semrush which makes SEO Audit & you will get weekly report of your site audit.Here all you need to do is get the audit report and fix the errors and wait for the next audit report to improve your site performance.Here you can export your report in pdf format with your own branding.Especially this is very usefull to professionals who are offering SEO services.

Check Backlinks for your blog:

Semrush also added backlinks checker option and its a very easy process to use every one to analysis backlinks.Here you will find Anchor texts,total number of internal links  and external links on the page.
Keyword Research: