Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Now watch facebook videos on your tv

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Videos  on facebook helps you to connect peoples each other and we can learn something new from videos and share our loved moments with friends.while watching videos, We can understand better than audio listening.Now facebook giving better video experience to their users find how it would be.
Now we can stream facebook video's on our T.V through devices like Apple T.v and  Google chromecast.So you have a chance to enjoy your favourite  videos on bigger screen.

How To Watch Facebook Videos On Your T.V:

  • Find videos on your android or desktop and press the t.v symbol in the top right corner.
  • Select the device to stream video
  • Enjoy video's right from your T.v.
While watching videos on your T.v you can go back and scroll through news feed on the device you're streaming from.So you can catch up other stories while watching videos on T.v.If you're streaming a facebook live video to your T.v,You can see real time reactions like comments on the T.v