Monday, 19 September 2016

What Is LSI Keyword?How to Use LSI Keywords In SEO

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What Is LSI Keyword :-

LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indxing ).This LSI keywords help your blog rank higher in searches.This LSI key words are similer to your primery keywords which gives same meaning and it not a synonyms.Keywords are always base to the searches and any blog to get higher rank in searches.
But most of the bloggers ignore keywords in their blog.If you did not read my previous post regarding keyword analysis  and keyword advantages you may go through the below link.

Difference between Synonyms and LSI Keywords

Synonyms are words that gives same meaning."Panic" "Fear" "terrible" are synonyms.Google has included keywords in their searches since long time.For example a person runs a company and a person manage a company, compare these two statements "run" and "manage" gives same meaning in above statement but these two words are totally different.

 Why We Use LSI Keywords In SEO:- 

As we discussed in the begin google use keywords to find out your pages according to user query,also it detect what is your webpage about.Simply this is called LSI Keywords.see the below figure to get better understand regarding this.

How to Find LSI Keywords:-

Go to google search and seach for your target keyword.At the bottom of the page you will find LSI keywords for your targeted keyword.And use that key words.