Sunday, 4 September 2016

On-Page SEO Techniques For Blog To Use in 2016

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There are many peoples have their own blog,And they don't know what is SEO and how to implement,advantages of SEO.
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.SEO plays vital role in your blog ,Which helps your blog to increase page rank and blog popularity,increasing organic traffic.Blog traffic is very important to be a successful blogger in web world. SEO includes On-page optimization,off-page optimization.

On-page optimization:- On-page optimization is nothing but, you work on your website to get higher rank,Such as a mete tags and description and page title,internal linking.

Off-page optimization:-Off-page optimization is nothing but, you work off website to get higher rank,Such as social media marketing,forum posting,article submission.
Apart from this on-page optimization and off page optimization,SEO includes Backlinks,Anchor text,bounce rate,domain authority,and many more things.You can check all SEO articles in SEO label.

In this post we are going to discuss about On-Page Optimization:-

Meta Description:- So many people ignore meta description in their web pages.Meta descriptions are very imprortant to place targeted keywords for your content,as these keywords in your description used within the search,your page would get top of the search results.If we use right meta description for right content, our page get top of the search results.

Page Title:- Page title indicates  what is your content.So page title is very important in SEO.Each page and page title should be unique.Implementing of targeted keyword in your page title would give good results.

Internal -Linking:- Peoples are always think about external links,But internal links are also very important to get good rank.By interlinking in your posts,your visiters gets navigate around your blog and all your posts get crawled properly to the search engine to find all of your pages.It helps to increase Google page rank. 


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