Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Why We Move HTTP To HTTPS----What is it

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We dont leave Internet anymore.We live on the internet.So many people spend lot of time on internet,But they dont have much awareness (or) knowledge on security of webworld.While we talking on security of webworld ,We must know about Two terms i.e HTTP & HTTPS.

HTTP: HyperText Transfer Protocol,This is a simple  protocol for transfer text messages.

HTTPS:HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure, This is also same protocol as HTTP, But here the text is encrypted.Means secured text transfer. See the below Image to get clear Idea regarding This topic.

In simple form HTTP website may contain harmful viruses,Trojens,Pop-up's and redirecting to third party sites.This is a bad experiences to the user. As  a site owners we have to give good and secured experience to the user.For this reason we have to move HTTP to HTTPS .Just remember as a HTTPS sites are secured and encrypted.Here "S" Indicates Security.

In below image you can observe SBH  NetBanking sites show's HTTPS URL,Because its secured and encrypted.(See on red colour mark)
We have much benefits  by moving HTTP to HTTPS. Mainly HTTPS as a Ranking factor of website.
  • It Should not Block from Crawling From robot .txt.
  • It should not redirect users to another insecured webpages.
  • It will increase trust worth of website
So ,I suggest to move HTTP To HTTPS,"Feel free to Ask if you have any doubts regarding this topic..