Friday, 26 August 2016

WhatsApp Is Going To Share Your Phone Numbers With Facebook

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Global messaging Service WhatsApp says it is going to start sharing phone numbers of its users with facebook,Facebook is a parent company.Thats means whatsapp users going to see more targeted ads on facebook.Sharing of phone numbers with facebook is subtle,But it has more significance,which has a long promised to safeguard the privacy of more than 1 billion users around the world.Also whatsApp is giving an limited option to their users to outof sharing their information with facebook.Also whatsApp mentioned facebook won't post shared phone numbers online or anywhere else.
WhatsApp phone numbers are more valuable to facebook.Already social networks have somany phone numbers,But we dont know it has correct or not,either it is personal or some others number.While comming to WhatsApp  user must provide current phone number to run WhatsApp.
WhatsApp says current users have upto 30 days to accept new policy terms or stop using services.Once they accept,They have more 30 days to option out of sharing with facebook.