Saturday, 13 August 2016

Simple Ways To Increase Your Facebook Fan page Fans

Posted by NewTechytips NewTechytips
Always facebook is best free traffic source for bloggers and internet marketers.Facebook fan page is one of the easiest way to drive traffic to your blog.And in my previous  post i had explained how to create Facebook Fan page.But the thing is how to get more likes.One of the simple way is to add facebook page like button on your website/Blog.And start making your page popular.Facebook fan page works like feed subscriber.When a user click on like button,he will get auto updates on his facebook wall.The main thing is you have to write regular posts and engage  users.Just focus on your fan page to get more likes.After that automatically you will get traffic to your blog.

Here we have some simple ways to invite your friends to like your page.Go to your facebook fan page and on right side you will see how many friends liked your page.Also you can invite your friends those who are didn't liked your page.Select invite button to invite your friends.After your friends accepting your request they will become your facebook fan page and they will get your updates what you share.In this invite friends process we have to invite manually it would be hard when you have huge friends.You can invite all of your friends on facebook with single click.