Saturday, 2 July 2016

What Is Keyword In S.E.O --- For Beginners

Posted by NewTechytips NewTechytips
"Keywords" topic is most important in Search Engine Optimization.Like its back bone of a Blog.Without proper keyword we can't get enough search engine traffic.And it shows an impact of increasing Blog ranking ,popularity of blog.So every blogger should know Keyword topic to be a successfull blogger.In simple words use Right targeted keywords in your blog and get search engine traffic.Optimize your blog with keywords it would help in increase of blog rank.

Let's start with basic concepts of keyword, For example you have been blogging for a while,and  your getting traffic 90% from social media and 5% from relatives and direct advertisements.It means your not getting Orgonic (Search Engine Traffic)Traffic.Because of lacking of targeted keywords in your blog.For Change Use targeted keywords in  your blog and see the results,it would be 90% traffic from search engine,and 10% from social media and direct advertisements.This will leads your blog in first page in search engine and you will get more and more orgonic traffic.