Saturday, 2 July 2016

What is Keyword Analysis---- For Beginners

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I hope all of you understand what is "keyword" in search engine optimization by reading previous keyword  topic in this blog.Just remember if your blog contain targeted keywords in your post  your blog will be  first page  in search engine results.We have so many keyword research tools,But iam explaining here most popular and important tools.Lets check it out,

What is Keyword Analysis?

Keyword analysis is a process of  identifying right keywords according to your blog content,Which get good amount of search results per month.For Example keywords is "Keyword research".While your researching for keyword it should be a high monthly searches and low competition.This keywords gives you more traffic.So while your doing keyword analysis do follow above principle.See the below image to get full of clarity.
Asper above mentioned method choose keyword with high searches and low competition.