Friday, 1 July 2016

What is Anchor Text?How To Create Anchor Text

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Anchor Text is one of the important topic in Search Engine Optimization.Anchor Text is a important aspect in Backlinks.Here iam explaining detailed about Anchor Text.

What Is Anchor Text:

Anchor Text is Text that contain hyperlink behind it.If we click on it it will open targeted webpage.Here iam also using Anchor Text that will take you to my older post.You can observe on my posts.

How Anchor Texts help us to Improve Ranking:

If you use Anchor Text, It will show your older posts.And it will improve your Blog ranking ,Your readers bounce rate.By using Anchor Text We have many uses in Search Engine Optimization.It has been well established for Keyword Research and On - Page Optimization to every blog post.When you write a article try to focus on targeted keyword and use it as a Anchor Text.So many Bloggers do simple mistake  i.e  They can use text like "Click here" or  "click for more"   However this is not give much technical values to Search Engines.Use only targeted keyword to link back your older sites,This will definitely give you results.
For Example iam using Online "Backlinks Checking Tool" As my key word; see the Below image to understand well.
However you can use mixed keywords to link back your site.It would be give better results.