Saturday, 2 July 2016

How To Use Google Keyword Tool

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Google keyword planer tool is official tool from google.Which give estmiation data of particular keyword and it helps to find keywords that are related to your blog content.Here iam explaining few things that are related to Google Keyword Planner.
  • First You need to have Google Adwords account to use google keyword planner tool.Its completelt free tool from google.
  • Use any of your existing google account.
  • Actually this tool made for Adword advertisers,But still its give you information  related to particular keyword for your blog.
See below Google keyword planner Homepage .All of you need to enter a Keyword that you want to search.Here you can target particular country's also,By editing  location button in the below.

Enter Your Product Or Services:

In this column Enter your targeting keyword and set your targeted country and click on get ideas.It will give you keywords information regarding monthly searches and competition.As i before said in the keyword analysis choose keywords that are related to your content with high searches per month and with low competition.I hope all of you understand  This "Google keyword planner " topic.


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