Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How To Check Website Speed Test

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Blog loading time is also one of the major factor for search engine ranking.It can be maintain good user experience.If your website  have good loading time ,users show's interest to land on your website.
I have shared some articles on "How To improve Blog loadin time",In case you did't can go through the below link.

Here iam giving some free tools to check your blog loading time,Lets check it out.

This is one of the famous website to check "website load time"From multiple placess at the same time.One of the important factor is First byte,Which shows how long it time taking content to send back  browser to start processing page.So check your website loading time as well as first byte time.

This is another good website ,which gives you complete data about your website loading time,where did you done mistakes.It shows which page is taking more loading time ,by seeing this results you can work on that page to reduce loading time.Finally its gives overview of your website performance to analyze .Check your website loading time with PINGDOM.