Thursday, 30 June 2016

What is Backlink in SEO And What are Advantages With Backlinks?

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"Backlink" is most famous word in Search Engine Optimization Many bloggers dont know what is backlink?how it is works?but its plays very important role in search engine optimization.Backlinks means which are incoming links to our webpage.simply a webpage links to another webpage is called "Backlink".Now I hope you can easily understand what is backlink.If we have lot of backlinks to our webpage it leads to higher rank in lot of search engines,like Google,Yahoo,Bing,Baidu.Here iam giving some explanation about backlink related terms.

  • Dofollow Link:- As i said before another webpage links added to your webpage is called dofollow links,it pass link juice.
  • Nofollow Link:-When a website links to another website with no-follow atribute is called nofollow link.
  • Link Juice:- A webpage links to any of your article or websites homepage,it passes link juice.This link juice helps in ranking of your artcle.And also its improve Domain Authority.
  • Internal Links:- Internal links are links that are going from one page to another page within in same domain.And this process is called internal linking.
  • Anchor Text:- Text that is used to hyper link  is called anchor text.
Advantages of Backlinks in SEO:-

Backlinks are most important ,as i said before.But it should be from quality sites.For example your site content about careers,and your taking backlinks from another tech sites,there is no use with that backlinks.Backlinks should be  related to your niche.For example your blog content about chicken you can get backlinks from KFC sites,etc...But it should be relative to your site..
Improving Orgonic Ranking:-
If you have high authority of backlinks it will give you high ranking in search engines.If your post getting orgonic links,your post will get high ranking in search engines.Backlinks helps search engine bots to discover links in your site,and crawl your site very is very usefull for new websites.

I think now all of you clear about Backlinks.....

How to get backlinks for your site:
I hope all of you understand backlink topic,now its time to learn how to create backlinks.Here one thing to know all of you, there is no matter of how many backlinks you have  rather the quality of backlinks.And another thing is dont buy backlinks,it will leads to penalized your blog.So avoid backlinks from paid service..get it manually.

Here iam giving you some ways to get quality of backlinks:

  • write Good articles
  • Start commenting on Others blog
  • Submit your blog address to web directories