Thursday, 30 June 2016

How To Check Backlinks online For Free

Posted by NewTechytips NewTechytips
In Early of My Posts all of you know what is backlink and How to get quality of backlinks to your Blog.But how can we check backlinks that we build?Here is some free ways to check Backlinks  that you created.

Find Backlinks to Your Site With backlink Checker Websites:

SEMRUSH:Most Popular Tool with multiple features

SEMRUSH is a tool,which is most popular and so many peoples are using it.And it has a new features.It became highly recomended SEO Tooll also.But it is not Free tool.SEMRUSH  Database updates Daily,so its allows you to check accurate backlinks status.You can use SEMRUSH to check your website backlinks or Your Competitor backlinks.And they have backlink comparision tool,So you can compare your site backlinks with other site backlinks.Finally i  strongly recomend you to use SEMRUSH  as a backlink checker tool.

Backlink Watcher:

Backlink watcher is also  a tool to check backlink is also most popular tool for checking backlinks of your blog.But i has a small disadvantage i.e it show some pop-ups.ofcourse Pop-Ups closed in one single click,But its a disturbance while checking backlinks.