Tuesday, 28 June 2016

FaceBook testing new option that pushes users to send money on messenger

Posted by NewTechytips NewTechytips
Facebook testing new option designed to highlight to company's brand and ability to handle person to person financial matters through their messenger and chat applications.The company has announced that it has added a new option in its flagship apps,main navigation titled "Send or Request money".The feature allows users in to messenger in order to manage payments.
Messenger's support  of peer to peer payments is only availble in the U.S.This feature shows only U.S Facebook users only.It will be competate to the other payments app like venmo or paypl.Just we need to add payment cards like Visa or Master card  to the app,then tap button in messenger to send money to your friends without any fees.
However now this option shows under more button in messenger.peoples normally uses chat button because its full fledged feature to send pics and many more.Most of the people dont know there is a option which can send money through messenger,its called as Send or Request money.